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MILAVIA Updates - Site changes, updates and new additions

MILAVIA Updates 2005

Updates, changes and additions in 2005:

Date Update Link
24 December 2005 Updated some aircraft pages.
20 December 2005 Updated FAB Mirage III profiles.
18 December 2005 Added news story on the Brazilian Mirage III retirement ceremony..
12 December 2005 Small update to the F-15 Eagle section regarding F-15K and F-15T.
03 December 2005 Sent out newsletter and added it to the Newsletter archive.
01 December 2005 Added the new quiz for December, and answer plus winners for last month.
29 November 2005 Added one new link
25 November 2005 Updated 2006 Airshow Calender for Europe.
25 November 2005 Opened the MILAVIA Shop.
24 November 2005 Updated and added some links and one link category.
23 November 2005 MCAS Miramar Air Show 2005 report with 100 photos.
21 November 2005 Updated European Air Show 2006 calendar.
21 November 2005 Added two new board to the forum: Photo equipment & tips and Accident Reports
09 November 2005 Some minor updates of some aircraft pages.
09 November 2005 Added airshow report for Leuchars 2005.
09 November 2005 Updated disclaimer page and added new Privacy Policy.
03 November 2005 Updated the air show calenders with new shows, especially the one for north america has been expanded.
03 November 2005 Updated RNLAF aircraft inventory page following the news about the Chinook crash and recent procurement plans.
01 November 2005 FAQ page replaces Help page, added a few more frequently asked questions.
01 November 2005 New menu online introducing new sections, although they are not ready yet.
01 November 2005 New quiz is online, as well as answers and winners of October.
30 October 2005 Updated Credits page
29 October 2005 Added 2003 newsletters to the archive. It is nice to see how far MILAVIA has come.
29 October 2005 Added C-130 to the FAB Gallery and added new photo links on the FAB info page.
29 October 2005 Three new wallpapers in the downloads section.
29 October 2005 Opened the new Aviation News archive, which includes headlines, links, and the old newsletters.
24 October 2005 Added photo report of the 5th edition of the TLP at Florennes AB this year.
16 October 2005 Added Brazilian Air Force photo gallery.
10 October 2005 Added a couple of new links.
09 October 2005 Announcement: Leandro is now officially appointed MILAVIA editor, added his info on the contact page
09 October 2005 Added one military aircraft related link: True Supersonics.
09 October 2005 Added photo report on this year's edition of exercise Frisian Flag.
08 October 2005 Added airshow report by Jorge of the Portugal Air Show 2005 at Évora.
06 October 2005 Added report with photos of the RAF Coltishall photo-call 2005.
02 October 2005 New edition of the monthly recognition quiz online plus last month's winners.
26 September 2005 NAS Oceana Air Show 2005 report with 38 stunning photos.
25 September 2005 Added new article on the PM-MG 2º CORPAer military police helicopter unit.
24 September 2005 Created 'Aviation Humor' category, and added new links.
23 September 2005 Updated Brazilian Air Force report.
11 September 2005 Removed guestbook.
07 September 2005 Added quiz answer & results for last month: August 2005.
02 September 2005 Added new monthly quiz for September.
27 August 2005 New Air Show Photo Report: MAKS 2005 Moscow International Air & Space Salon.
25 August 2005 Small updates Iraqi AF report (regarding Mi-17) and Brazilian AF (Mirage 2000, Airbus A319).
25 August 2005 Minor updates to some aircraft sections (versions MiG-29, operators Su-25, F-16, Mirage 2000)
23 August 2005 Expanded Brazilian Air Force XXV TAC exercise report with additional photos.
20 August 2005 Added five new links and multiple new categories in the links section.
20 August 2005 Added two internal links to the Brazilian Air Force related links page
19 August 2005 Updated Iraqi Air Force article with new CH2000 info and photos.
19 August 2005 Small report and photos of the Brazilian Air Force XXV TAC exercise held at Anápolis AB
17 August 2005 Made some changes to the News Archive looks and added two news stories.
06 August 2005 RIAT 2005 airshow report online with 62 quality photos!
06 August 2005 Fixed some navigation errors in the aircraft directory.
06 August 2005 Counted scores for the quizes of 2004. These help determine difficulty levels for future quizes.
03 August 2005 Added two new sites to the links section and one to the F-16 related links page.
31 July 2005 New quiz is up, and answer and results for July
29 July 2005 Added new aircraft section on the Pakistan-Chino FC-1/JF-17
28 July 2005 Updated Su-25 page with in particular the Su-25SM and the operator list.
27 July 2005 Added new article about the RNLAF deployment to Lithuania to protect NATO airspace. removed
25 July 2005 Updated part on the Kfir-C10.
24 July 2005 Added two new links and removed one dead link.
18 July 2005 Added another Iraqi C-130E photo to the Iraqi air force report.
16 July 2005 RAF Waddington International Air Show 2005 report online with 57 photos.
16 July 2005 Belarusian air force pictorial updated with corrections and additional details.
04 July 2005 July 2005 Quiz online plus answer and winners for the previous month.
28 June 2005 New Air Force Pictorial: Belarus Air and Air Defence Force.
28 June 2005 Added MSN Site Search on the homepage. Now you can search on
26 June 2005 Added 4 new links and fixed the one to Auction Hangar.
26 June 2005 Updated Iraqi Air Force report with additional info and 4 new photos.
26 June 2005 Updated Q-5 Fantan section with JQ-5J info.
26 June 2005 Updated LCA Tejas section regarding current status.
26 June 2005 Updated info regarding IAF Su-30K/MK.
11 June 2005 New Special: Elite 2005 electronic warfare exercise report with photos.
10 June 2005 Added couple of new links.
01 June 2005 June Quiz online and quiz results for last month
31 May 2005 Photo Report Planes of Fame Airshow 2005, 60 pics bigger than normal
26 May 2005 Niederrhein/Weeze Airport 2005 airshow report
25 May 2005 Added information regarding Iraqi W-3 contract cut-back.
25 May 2005 Added information regarding Chinese Navy Su-30MKK2.
25 May 2005 Added one Su-25 related link, book, and added some info regarding Su-25UBM.
22 May 2005 Added airshow report on Salamanca 2005 open day at Matacán AB, with 42 photos.
21 May 2005 Small correction to FAB introduction text.
14 May 2005 Added related link to the Coltishall Jaguars repor in the Jaguar section.
14 May 2005 New photo report dedicated to the Jaguars at RAF Coltishall
13 May 2005 Su-15 'Flagon' section online!
01 May 2005 Added quiz answer and the new one for May!
29 April 2005 Added a couple of new links to the links section.
25 April 2005 Three new wallpapers of the Blue Angels, courtesy of Glenn E. Bloore
24 April 2005 Photo special: Blue Angels @ El Centro 2005
23 April 2005 Added a couple of new links
22 April 2005 Replaced the F-14 Tomcat gallery with a new one with 100 new pictures!
19 April 2005 Added FAB Mirage III Walk-Around.
17 April 2005 Added a couple of new links.
6 April 2005 New Photo Report on the last DHC-1 Chipmunks in service with the Portuguese AF.
4 April 2005 Updated Brazilian Air Force report. Added Order of Battle and Related Links.
3 April 2005 Report on Portuguese C.212 Aviocar 50th anniversary special markings
2 April 2005 Added last month's answer and winners of the quiz.
1 April 2005 Su-27 Flanker Familiy is online! Including Su-30, Su-33, Su-34, Su-35 and Su-37.
1 April 2005 MILAVIA Forum is online!
30 March 2005 Added one link to the Aircraft Specific category.
29 March 2005 Updated Appendix A glossary
24 March 2005 Information on last USAF F-16 delivery added to F-16 History, and included picture.
24 March 2005 Added one photo and link to related article to the Iraqi Air Force report.
22 March 2005 Added photo report on the celebration of FAB Mirage III's 65.000 flying hours
19 March 2005 Minor updates to AMX information regarding A-1M upgrade and FAV contract.
08 March 2005 Updated the Iraqi Air Force report and added one photo
07 March 2005 Updated the Brazilian Air Force report.
06 March 2005 Updated the F-15's related books page with new titles and new link system.
05 March 2005 Added a couple of new links in the Links directory and updated the news.
01 March 2005 February quiz results are available and the new quiz for March is up.
28 February 2005 Added VFC-12 Fighting Omars squadron special.
11 February 2005 Received Jetzone 3 Star Award
9 February 2005 Added link to 'Electronic Aviation'
7 February 2005 Added two new Wallpapers to the Downloads section
5 February 2005 Initial report on the newly formed Iraqi Air Force
3 February 2005 Added several links
1 February 2005 February 2005 quiz is online, as well as results of last month
31 January 2005 Added link to F-14 section to the Jolly Rogers Final Tomcat Cruise special
29 January 2005 Photo Report on the Jolly Rogers' Final Tomcat Cruise homecoming
28 January 2005 Renewed the source code for the Military Aviation webring at the links section removed
27 January 2005 Added 10 new JAS 39 Gripen photos and updated information regarding exports
26 January 2005 Added five new links and one category: online communities
24 January 2005 Added information on A-10 Precision Engagement upgrade
22 January 2005 Added links to useful sources at the news archive page
14 January 2005 Added one new link to the Warbirds category
14 January 2005 Aviation Nation 2004 photo report by Larry Grace
02 January 2005 New Quiz online and added the results of last month

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