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MILAVIA Updates - Site changes, updates and new additions

MILAVIA Updates 2004

Updates, changes and additions in 2004:

Date Update Link
22 December 2004 Added one new banner exchange link and one new portal site
20 December 2004 Added nine related links for the Saab Viggen, including walk-arounds
19 December 2004 Done some minor updating to the information and history pages of the F-16 section.
12 December 2004 Added one new link. check it out.
11 December 2004 Added two photographer's names to the Credits page. Thanks for your cooperation!
11 December 2004 Added photo gallery for the Saab Viggen with 45 pictures
09 December 2004 Added aircraft inventory list and airbase map for the Brazilian Air Force
04 December 2004 Added quiz results and the new quiz for December
22 November 2004 Added several links, check out the links page to see where.
21 November 2004 Added updated info regarding the Su-25KM and ex-Iraqi Su-25 in Iran
21 November 2004 Added updated info regarding the Su-24M2 upgrade and Iranian Su-24MK fleet
19 November 2004 Added a report on the Brazilian Air Force by Leandro Maldonado
19 November 2004 Updated Copyright & Disclaimer page
18 November 2004 New links in several of the categories
18 November 2004 Some updated/additional information for the F-4 Phantom II
04 November 2004 New link in the Airforces & Squadrons category
03 November 2004 New Portuguese F-16 pictures added.
02 November 2004 New 1024*768 wallpaper added of Portuguese F-16
01 November 2004 Added quiz answer and results as well as the new quiz.
17 October 2004 Added F/A-18E Super Hornet three view diagram
11 October 2004 28 new photos added to the Indian Air Force in Portugal photo report.
10 October 2004 Renewed Newsletter sample page with the latest issue: October 2004
09 October 2004 Added two F-15 and one Il-78MKI wallpapers in the downloads section
09 October 2004 Added Photo Report of the Indian Air Force aircraft on their stay at Monte Real
07 October 2004 Quiz results of September are online and the new October quiz is now available
11 September 2004 Added two new links and moved one to new category: Military Portals & Directories
11 September 2004 Three NEW Wallpapers of the Harrier GR.7 thanks to Daniel Butcher
01 September 2004 New Quiz
27 August 2004 Added two movies and the MILAVIA Screensaver to the downloads section.
26 August 2004 Updated RNLAF Report: 801 and 804 Sqn disbanded
25 August 2004 New Squadron Special: Fighter Squadron Composite 13 (VFC-13) Fighting Saints
24 August 2004 Added one AMX related link, to both the AMX page as the Squadrons category.
24 August 2004 Added a news archive, so you can look up old news stories that were on the homepage
17 August 2004 Added 25 new Saab Draken pictures of the Austrian Air Force provided by Mike Hall
16 August 2004 Added information and specfication to the Saab 37 Viggen section, help from Patrik Sebek
16 August 2004 Added one new category and several new links
16 August 2004 Added several people to the credits page
12 August 2004 Added one new link and removed a broken link
12 August 2004 Added exclusive pictorial of the AviaciĆ³n del Ejercito from Venezuela, 32 pics!
08 August 2004 Contact info of MILAVIA editor Ivan added to the contact page.
04 August 2004 Added 5 new links in several categories, visit the links index page to see where.
03 August 2004 Added shortcuts to the picture galleries on the aircraft directory index page
03 August 2004 Updated newsletter sample page with the newsletter from last month
01 August 2004 Added one new link to an excellent Kfir C.10 article, replacing one broken link
01 August 2004 Quiz result online and a new quiz for August 2004
15 July 2004 Added the AIDC Ching-Kuo, Taiwanese Indigenous Defensive Fighter (IDF)
15 July 2004 Updated latest issue page with the newsletter of June
07 July 2004 Added a Naval Aviation Pictorial: 70 pictures of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm
02 July 2004 Answer of June and new Quiz Online!
02 July 2004 Updated the About and Newsletter page
01 July 2004 Removed the portal, redesigned the home page.
29 June 2004 60 pictures from the RNLAF open days 2004
29 June 2004 updated the glossary (appendix A)
25 June 2004 Replaced three missing pictures in the FAV F-16 gallery with new ones.
01 June 2004 New Quiz online!
21 May 2004 Added short piece on the RNLAF logistics center at Rhenen
21 May 2004 Added 2 links and 1 new category: Pilots & Airline Crews
02 May 2004 Added captions to the RNLAF open day specials
01 May 2004 New Quiz Online! This time there will be a prize for one lucky winner!
01 May 2004 Air Force Pictorial of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
20 April 2004 Added 3 more related books to the F-16 section
18 April 2004 30 new pictures for the F-16 from Belgium
17 April 2004 NEW Armada de Venezuela Naval Aviation pictorial! 60 naval aircraft pics!
12 April 2004 Added some more info on Iraqi Tu-22 Blinders
12 April 2004 Tu-22M Backfire section online! Info, specs, pictures and lots of links.
12 April 2004 One link added to the Warbird category, memorial website of B-24 crash
12 April 2004 Added some Frequently Asked Questions to the help page
04 April 2004 Added one Alpha Jet link
02 April 2004 The April 2004 newsletter is now available online!
29 March 2004 The April 2004 quiz is up! Check last month's answers.
28 March 2004 Link added to, the official Gripen International website
28 March 2004 New category, Other Military Links: Veterans & Reunions with one new link
28 March 2004 Q-5/A-5 some info added and one related link
27 March 2004 3 new U.S. Navy wallpapers online
27 March 2004 RNLAF Air Show galleries of 2000 and 2003 added to the specials!
27 March 2004 3 new links and search function added
24 March 2004 9 new links and one new category 'online aviation shops'
13 March 2004 Three new links added!
01 March 2004 Message for regular visitors! The newsletters have been delayed because I do not want to send them while the server is under attack from viruses. The website, my computer or my e-mail is not infected. But I get lots of viruses and I do not want to harm you any way. When it has stopped I will send an extra big newsletter. The website will be updated as normal.
01 March 2004 March Quiz online, as well as the answer for the last one
21 February 2004 2 new links in the directory
17 February 2004 Received Golden Web Award 2003-2004
15 February 2004 4 new related links for the F-4 Phantom II
08 February 2004 NEW Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet section online!
08 February 2004 Added two related links for the IAI Kfir
01 February 2004 Added RNLAF pages for HQ Den Haag, Vliehors and De Peel AB
01 February 2004 New Quiz and answers to the January Quiz
31 January 2004 Royal Netherlands Air Force Report Online!
27 January 2004 Nanchang Q-5/A-5 picture gallery online! 30 pics!
23 January 2004 Dassault Rafale: 4 related links added
15 January 2004 Added Portuguese F-16 Gallery!
11 January 2004 Updated Appendix A: Glossary
09 January 2004 Added one new link at 'military aircraft specific' to a KC-10 Extender website
04 January 2004 Added one new link at 'military aircraft specific' to a SR-71 Blackbird website
03 January 2004 First Special: RAF Jaguar Walk-Around (T.4 and GR.3A)
02 January 2004 Added related website to the F-4 Phantom II links, provided by Michel Klaver
01 January 2004 Anwer and winners of the December quiz and the new January 2004 quiz are online!

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