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MILAVIA Aircraft - AMX International (Aermacchi-Alenia-Embraer) AMX

Specifications AMX

Powerplant: one 49.1 kN (11,030 lb st) license built Rolls-Royce Spey Mk 807 non-afterburning turbofan

Dimensions: length 13.23m (43 ft 5 in); height 4.55m (14 ft 11¼ in); wing span (over AAMs) 9.97 m (32 ft 8½ in)

Weights: empty 6730 kg (14,837 lb); Max Take-Off Weight 13.000 kg (28,660 lb)

Performance: max level speed at MTOW Mach 0.86 or 913 km/h (571 mph); service ceiling 13,000m (42,650 ft)

Armament: one M61A1 multi-barrel 20mm cannon with 350 rounds or two DEFA 554 30mm cannons; up to 3800 kg (8,377 lb) of ordnance, including guided bombs/munitions, retarded/free fall bombs, cluster bombs (Belouga), ASMs, Anti-Ship Missiles (Kormoran), rocket launchers, recce pods, ECM pods, AAMs (AIM-9L), drop tanks, carried on four underwing stations, one centreline and two wing-tip rails.


AMX cockpit lay-out

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