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18 December 2016 | IHS Jane's

DARIN-III-equipped Jaguars receive Indian IOC

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has received initial operational clearance (IOC) for its upgraded SEPECAT Jaguar fighters featuring the locally developed Display Attack Ranging Inertial Navigation-III (DARIN-III) avionics suite for precision bombing.

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12 August 2014 | Flight Global

Oman retires last Jaguar strike aircraft

​Oman has retired its last four operational Sepecat Jaguars, with the strike aircraft having been involved in a disbandment flypast by 8 Sqn at its Thumrait air base on 6 August.

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15 May 2014 | Flight Global

Fresh delay hits Indian Jaguar upgrade

Hindustan Aeronautics’ efforts to upgrade Sepecat Jaguar strike aircraft belonging to the Indian air force to the "Darin III" standard are to be delayed by at least a couple of years.

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31 October 2013 | Royal Navy

HMS Illustrious fends off air attacks for Middle Eastern exercise

The veteran warship was expected not just to thwart the attackers, but put Royal Marines ashore on the sands of Oman during the eight-day exercise, Omani Cougar. The Royal Omani Air Force provided some of the ‘opposition’, sending its Jaguar and Hawks to attack Illustrious – one of the ‘high value assets’ during the exercise which had to be protected at all costs. As one of the largest vessels in the Fleet – 22,000 tonnes, nearly 650ft long – the helicopter carrier presented a substantial target to the attacking bombers.

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29 March 2012 | Raytheon

Raytheon Begins Procuring Parts for Indian Jaguars' Munitions Control Unit

MCU will enable Indian Air Force Jaguar aircraft to employ modern precision weapons

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