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Specifications SEPECAT Jaguar

Jaguar GR.Mk1

Powerplant: two 35.76 kN (8,040 lb st) Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca Adour Mk 104 turbofans

Dimensions: length 16.83m (55 ft 2½ in); height 4.89m (16 ft ½ in); wing span 8.69m (28 ft 6 in)

Weights: take-off ('clean') 10.955 kg (24,150 lb); Max Take-Off Weight 15.700 kg (34,610 lb)

Performance: max level speed at 10.975m (36,000 ft) Mach 1.6 or 1.700 km/h (1,056 mph); service ceiling more than 14,020m (46,000 ft)

Armament: two internal 30mm Aden Mk.4 cannons with 150 rounds per gun; 4763 kg (10,500 lb) of disposable stores, including AIM-9 Sidewinders, air-to-surface missiles, anti-radar missiles, free-fall or guided bombs, cluster bombs, dispenser weapons, rocket launchers, ECM pods, drop tanks and TIALD or recce pod, carried on five or seven (two optional Sidewinders on the wings) external hardpoints.

Jaguar GR.1

Jaguar GR.1B cockpit
Jaguar GR.1B cockpit

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