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Su-15 Historical Events Time Table

Period: | 1950-1960 | 1960-1970 | 1970-1980 | 1980-1990 | 1990-2000 | 2000-2010 |

1950-1960 BACK TO TOP
26 May 1956 First flight of the delta-winged T-3 experimental interceptor prototype, by Vladimir Makhalin. NATO 'Fishpod-A'
12 July 1957 First flight of P-1 interceptor prototype, by Nikolay Korovushkin
10 Sept 1957 First flight of T-43, Su-9 prototype
18 July 1958 First flight of T-5 experimental prototype, by Vladimir Ilyushin
22 Sept 1958 Official end of P-1 programme
25 Dec 1958 First flight of T-47, Su-11 prototype
1 June 1959 End of T-5 flight tests
1960-1970 BACK TO TOP
10 Jan 1960 First flight of T-49 experimental prototype, by Anatoliy Koznov
Spring 1960 Su-15 name first appears in Su-15-40 interception system proposals
5 Feb 1962 Resolution on building the Su-15 (T-58) passed
30 May 1962 First flight T-58D-1 prototype from Zhukovskiy field, by Vladimir Ilyushin
4 May 1963 First flight T-58D-2 prototype, by Vladimir Ilyushin
Aug 1963 State acceptance trials for T-58-8M1 interception complex started
2 Oct 1963 First flight T-58D-3 prototype, by ??
3 Apr 1965 T-58-8M2 interception complex commissioned, designated Su-15-98
6 Sept 1965 First flight T-58L (converted from T-58D-2) with skids, by Vladimir Ilyushin
1966 Start Su-15 Series production at Novosibirsk factory
1966 T-58D-1 and pre-series Su-15 test new cranked wing design.
6 June 1966 First flight T-58VD (converted from T-58D-1) STOL prototype, by Yevgeniy Solovyov
1967 Service entry Su-15 with PVO
Sept 1967 Start military operational tests with 10 series aircraft from 611th IAP
26 Aug 1968 First flight U-58T (Su-15UT) trainer, by Yevgeniy Kukushev
31 Jan 1969 First flight T-58T (Su-15T) with Taifun radar, by Vladimir Krechetov
Jul 1969 End military operational tests
1969 From 11th series onwards, production aircraft receive new wing and UPS system. NATO 'Flagon-D'
1970-1980 BACK TO TOP
24 June 1970 First flight U-58B combat trainer, by A. Gribaschev
3 July 1970 U-58T completes state acceptance tests and is designated Su-15UT. NATO 'Flagon-C'
18 Aug 1970 Start of state acceptance tests for T-58TM (Su-15TM) with Taifun-M radar.
1970 Start of series production Su-15T and Su-15UT at Novosibirsk
Dec 1971 Su-15T production switched to Su-15TM.
May 1972 First flight experimental T-58R with TFR.
3 July 1972 First flight Su-15bis (converted series Su-15TM) at Novosibirsk
20 Dec 1972 Su-15bis completes tests successfully.
1973 Start of fitting new-build and existing Su-15 aircraft with small inner-wing pylons for R-60
5 Apr 1973 End of state acceptance tests Su-15TM. NATO 'Flagon-E/F'
22 Jan 1974 T-58D-2 on display at the Monino Museum
21 Jan 1975 Government resolution for commissioning of the Su-15-98M interception complex finally passed.
15 Feb 1975 Military tests of Su-15TM start at 148th PVO Pilot Combat Training Centre at Savasleyka.
1975 End of Su-15TM serial production.
2 Apr 1976 Su-15 (unit?) intercepted a Japanese P-2V Neptune patrol aircraft when it penetrated Soviet airspace near Sakhalin Island. The Su-15 fired two missiles, but missed the target.
23 Apr 1976 First Flight U-58TM combat trainer at Novosibirsk, piloted by Vladimir Vylomov and V. Belanin
25 Nov 1976 State acceptance tests for U-58TM completed, designation Su-15UM assigned. NATO 'Flagon-G'
1976 peak year, Su-15s account for 98.700 flying hours this year
20 Apr 1978 Two Su-15TM (431st IAP, Afrikanda) piloted by Captain A. Bosov and Captain Gromov intercept Korean Air Lines (KAL) Boeing 707 when it entered Soviet airspace near Murmansk, flying from Paris to Canada. After signalling failed, Bosov was ordered to shoot it down. He fired a R-60 missile, destroying the left outer engine and wingtip. The 707 made a forced landing on frozen Lake Korpiyarvi, 30km from the border with Finland. Among 110 passengers and crew, two had been killed.
20 Jul 1978 Military tests of Su-15TM completed.
1979 End of Su-15UM series production, last Su-15 made, a total of 1290 Su-15 aircraft were produced.
1980-1990 BACK TO TOP
18 Jul 1981 Su-15TM (166th IAP, Sandar) piloted by Captain V. Kuliapin intercepts Argentine Canadair CL-44 transport coming from Iran over Georgia. Kuliapin rammed the target crashing both aircraft. Kuliapin ejected and survived. (also reported to have been Su-15T)
8 Aug 1981 According to, Su-15TM (unit?) piloted by Captain O. Terbanov shoots down Argentinian DC-8 using R-98 missile.
31 Aug 1983 Su-15TM 'Red 17' (41st IAP, Sakhalin) piloted by Major G. Osipovich intercepted Korean Air Lines flight KAL-007 en route from Canada to Korea, having strayed from its route several hundred kilometres entering Soviet airspace. The Boeing 747-200 was shot down by two R-98 missiles killing all 269 passengers and crew.
Later 1983 Russian movie about the KAL007 incident.
1990-2000 BACK TO TOP
1990 According to official CFE data, the PVO had 230 Su-15s based in the European and 90 more in the Asian part of the USSR.
2 Sept 1990 Last known combat action. Su-15TM, piloted by Captain I. Zdatchenko, shoot down a reconnaissance balloon at 12000m (39,140ft) over the Kola Peninsula.
19 Nov 1990 CFE treaty signed, Soviet combat aircraft in Europe had to be reduced to 5150, 1461 aircraft had to be withdrawn.
17 July 1992 CFE treaty goes into force, remaining Su-15s are scrapped
17 Mar 1993 At Samara AB, the first four Su-15s are scrapped in the presence of Western representatives for the CFE treaty
1996 Remaining Ukrainian Su-15TM of the 62nd Air Defence Fighter Regiment, based at Belbek, are mothballed.
2000-2010 BACK TO TOP

OKB = Opytno-Konstruktorskoye Byuro (Experimental Design Bureau)
RuAF = Russian Air Force
VVS = Voenno-Vozdushmiy Sily (Military Aviation Forces)
PVO = Protivo-Vozdushnoi Oborony (National/Homeland Air Defense Forces)
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