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21 February 2019 | RAF

Royal Air Force Chief of the Air Staff takes final Tornado flight over Scotland

Nearly 26 years after being introduced at RAF Lossiemouth, the iconic Tornado aircraft returned to Scottish skies for the last time this week.

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18 February 2019 | RAF

Britain to celebrate iconic Tornado during farewell flypast

With almost 40 years of Royal Air Force service coming to an end, the iconic Tornado jet is undertaking a series of finale flypasts around the UK.

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4 February 2019 | RAF

The end of an era: RAF Tornado returns from Operations for the last time

After almost 40 years serving the UK on military operations across the world, Tornado jets have returned home for the last time.

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24 January 2019 | RAF

Royal Air Force Commemorates Iconic Tornado Fast Jet

The Royal Air Force has released stunning images of a unique aircraft formation to celebrate forty years of service by the Tornado GR4 fast jet.

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30 June 2017 | UK MOD

UK MOD Update: air strikes against Daesh

The RAF is continuing to support Iraqi forces in their effort to liberate western Mosul, while the Tornados and Typhoons also provided close air support to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) pushing into Raqqa, Syria.

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5 April 2017 | RAF

RAF Lossiemouth's XV (Reserve) squadron disbands

XV(Reserve) Squadron, the final Royal Air Force Tornado squadron based in Scotland, disbanded on Friday 31 March 2017 with a private military ceremony at RAF Lossiemouth.

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22 March 2017 | RAF

End of an era for RAF Lossiemouth Tornados

XV(Reserve) Squadron, the Tornado Operational Conversion Unit, completed its final formal flying on Friday 17 March 2017.

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2 November 2016 | RAF

Tornado crew reaches unique milestone

Two of the Tornado Force’s most experienced flying instructors reached a significant milestone over the summer when they performed a flypast at RAF Linton-on-Ouse. Squadron Leader David Gallie and Flight Lieutenant Chris Stradling are believed to have been the first crew to have flown together with a combined 10,000 hours on the Tornado.

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30 March 2016 | Flight Global

RAF Tornado successfully trials BriteCloud protection system

Finmeccanica is hopeful that the Royal Air Force will be the launch customer for its BriteCloud active decoy, following the completion of a series of tests of the system onboard the service s Panavia Tornado GR4 combat aircraft.

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19 February 2016 | RAF

RAF Tornado Flies in ‚ÄėDesert Pink‚Äô to Mark 25 Years on Operations

Twenty-five years since the Royal Air Force helped liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein‚Äôs forces, an RAF Tornado GR4 has been painted in the iconic Gulf War ‚Äėdesert pink‚Äô paint scheme to honour the aircraft type‚Äôs almost continuous operational service since then.

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11 September 2015 | Flight Global

US-based German Tornados receive life-extending upgrades

Deliveries of upgraded Panavia Tornados to the German air force s training wing at Holloman AFB in New Mexico are now under way, with five modified examples from the 15 aircraft based in the USA having been delivered to date.

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10 June 2015 | RAF

Tornados in Arctic Challenge

Royal Air Force personnel have been participating in one of Europe’s largest air power exercises involving nearly 100 aircraft and 4000 personnel from nine nations.

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4 March 2015 | RAF

XV (Reserve) Sqn 100th Anniversary Tail Takes Off From RAF Lossiemouth

XV(Reserve) Squadron unveiled a special 100th anniversary paint scheme in spectacular style over the snowy peaks of the Scottish highlands.

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3 March 2015 | RAF

XV(Reserve) Squadron begin their centenary year in style

In a classic case of history repeating itself XV(Reserve) Squadron, the RAF’s premier Tornado training unit celebrated its formation one hundred years ago also in a training role.

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12 January 2015 | RAF

Reformation of 12(B) Sqn

RAF Marham hosted an historic event at the base today with the re-role of II(AC) Sqn to become the 5th Typhoon Squadron and the reformation of 12(B) Sqn as the continuation of the third frontline Tornado Squadron.

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8 December 2014 | RAF

Air Strikes In Iraq

British forces have continued to conduct air operations to assist the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIL

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15 November 2014 |

Italy To Send 4 Tornados for Recon in Iraq

Italy will send four Tornado aircraft to join coalition operations against the Islamic State in Iraq, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Friday.

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11 November 2014 | RAF

RAF Tornados Complete Afghanistan Mission

Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s have left Afghanistan and are heading back to the UK after more than five years of operations in the country.

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24 October 2014 | RAF

Air Strikes In Iraq

British forces have continued to conduct air operations to assist the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIL.

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21 October 2014 | RAF

Air Strikes In Iraq

British forces have continued to conduct air operations to assist the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIL. Early last week, 2 Tornado GR4s, while on an armed reconnaissance patrol, were tasked to attack an ISIL main battle tank which coalition forces had been tracking near Ramadi.

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8 October 2014 | RAF

RAF Tornados' air strikes in Iraq

Tornado GR4 aircraft have completed another round of air strikes in Iraq overnight

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4 October 2014 |

To Boost Strike Force, UK Delays Retiring Jets

The British government has temporarily reprieved a Tornado GR4 strike squadron from the scrap heap in order to maintain sufficient numbers of aircraft for a sustained campaign against the Islamic State. Prime Minister David Cameron announced that 2 Squadron, which had been slated to stand down next March, will remain operational for another 12 months.

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30 September 2014 |

Britain Carries Out First Air Strikes Against IS In Iraq

British fighter jets on Tuesday bombed an artillery post and an armed truck used by the Islamic State group in Iraq in the Royal Air Force's first strikes in the US-led air campaign.

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24 September 2014 | Flight Global

Tornado could fly on into 2030s, partners say

Europe’s Panavia Tornado will remain in use as a relevant frontline asset for more than another 10 years, according to its programme partners, even though one of its main operators does not plan to retain the type beyond the end of this decade.

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13 August 2014 | RAF

RAF Deploys Tornado Aircraft to Support Humanitarian Operations

The Royal Air Force has sent Tornado aircraft from RAF Marham so they can be ready to support humanitarian operations in Iraq if required.

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17 July 2014 | Flight Global

RAF Tornados to get Brimstone 2 missiles in 2015

Missile systems manufacturer MBDA has started production of its Brimstone 2 air-to-ground missile and expects the type will enter service in 2015 on Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado GR4s.

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16 July 2014 | Flight Global

RAF completes upgrades to Tornados in Afghanistan

The Royal Air Force is continuing to upgrade its Panavia Tornado GR4 ground attack aircraft despite the looming retirement of the type from operational service.

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3 June 2014 | RAF

70 Years On, RAF Tornado Jets Recce D-Day Beaches

70 years after their forebearers swooped to take reconnaissance photos over the D-Day beaches in France, RAF Tornado jets from II (Army Co-operation) Squadron have used today’s technology to emulate their World War II counterparts

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28 May 2014 | RAF

The Batmen Return

The responsibility for Tornado GR4 support to operations in Afghanistan has been handed from II to IX Squadron

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1 May 2014 | Flight Global

UK extends Tornado support contract

‚ÄčBAE Systems has signed a contract extension worth ¬£125 million ($211 million) to maintain, repair and upgrade the Royal Air Force‚Äôs Panavia Tornado GR4 fleet until the type‚Äôs retirement from use during 2019.

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31 March 2014 | Flight Global

RAF retires two Tornado squadrons

‚ÄčA phased reduction of the UK Royal Air Force‚Äôs fleet of Panavia Tornado GR4 strike aircraft has taken its latest step, with two frontline units having been stood down on 28 March.

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3 February 2014 | RAF

RAF II (AC) Squadron takes over from 617 Dambusters in Afghanistan

The Royal Air Force‚Äôs II (Army Cooperation) Squadron have taken over from 617 ‚ÄúThe Dambusters‚ÄĚ Squadron to provide Tornado GR4 fast jet air power as part of 83 Expeditionary Air Group support to Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

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16 January 2014 | IHS Jane's

German Tornado jet crashes

A German Air Force Tornado strike aircraft on a training mission crashed into woods some 50 km from Koblenz on the evening of 16 January. Both aircrew are said to have ejected safety. Although the unit has not been identified, Fighter Bomber Wing 33 equipped with Tornado IDS (interdictor/strike)

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6 January 2014 | Flight Global

3D printing to cut costs on RAF Tornado squadrons

Successful trials involving the use of 3D printer-generated spare and repair parts for the UK Royal Air Force’s Panavia Tornado GR4 strike aircraft are expected to lead to significant cost savings, BAE Systems says. Recently demonstrated during a flight-test conducted from the company’s Warton site in Lancashire, the work included producing replacement support struts for the Tornado’s air intake doors, protective guards for power take-off shafts and covers for its cockpit radios.

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4 December 2013 | IHS Jane's

UK Tornados on course for anti-collision system by end of 2014

The UK is to field a new collision warning system (CWS) for its fleet of Panavia Tornado GR.4 strike aircraft before the end of 2014, it was disclosed on 3 December. Answering questions in the House of Commons, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, Philip Dunne, said that ground

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16 October 2013 | Flight Global

Italy to launch SDB flight tests with Tornado

The Italian air force's Rome-based experimental flight centre is shortly to begin test sorties as part of a programme to integrate Boeing's GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb onto the service's Panavia Tornado ground attack aircraft.

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4 October 2013 | RAF

617 Sqn Dambusters Final Tour with the Tornado GR4

Seventy years after their most famous mission the Dambusters of 617 Squadron are deploying to Afghanistan for their final operational tour on the Tornado GR4.

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17 July 2013 | RAF

Tornado Detachment Handover In Kandahar

Royal Air Force personnel from 31 Squadron Tornado Detachment from RAF Marham, serving in Afghanistan, hand over command to 12 (Bomber) Squadron from RAF Lossiemouth.

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21 March 2013 | RAF

Dambusters 70th Anniversary Tail Art revealed

To mark 70 years since the formation of the RAF's elite 617 ‚ÄúDambusters‚ÄĚ Squadron TV historian and presenter Dan Snow has today formally unveiled commemorative tail art on an RAF Tornado GR4, the aircraft flown by the Sqn today.

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18 October 2012 | RAF

RAF’s IX(B) Sqn Prepares for Afghanistan

In the next few weeks IX(B) Squadron will return to Kandahar Airbase to operate the Tornado GR4 in support of coalition ground forces. To ensure they are ready the entire squadron was subject to some of the RAF‚Äôs most realistic pre-deployment training, dubbed ‚ÄėWar Week‚Äô.

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12 October 2012 | RAF

RAF Tornado Unleashes Brimstone Missile

A II (Army Cooperation) Squadron Tornado GR4 Brimstone missile thwarted an insurgent attack on an ISAF and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) coordinated patrol on the ground.

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2 August 2012 | Flight Global

UK Tornado fleet to retire in 2019, says BAE

Royal Air Force operations with the Panavia Tornado GR4 are to conclude by March 2019, BAE Systems has confirmed ...

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6 July 2012 | EADS

CASSIDIAN delivers first ASSTA 3.0 Tornados to German Air Force

At the end of June, Cassidian delivered the first two Tornado aircraft upgraded to the new ASSTA 3.0 (Avionics System Software Tornado Ada) capability standard, to the German Air Force. After several months of retrofitting, certification and acceptance by Cassidian and by Bundeswehr Technical Centre 61 in Manching, the aircraft are now being returned to Fighter Bomber Wing 33 in B√ľchel. [...] All 85 Tornados in service with the future German Air Force fleet are scheduled to be upgraded to this standard by 2018...

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3 July 2012 | RAF

RAF Tornado Incident

The RAF has confirmed an incident in the Moray Firth area involving two Tornado GR4 aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth.

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22 June 2012 | Defense-Aerospace

RAF Tornados Get Computer Upgrades

A new £16 million contract will provide Tornado GR4 aircraft with that new kit in the form of a new main display processor, (known as a Computer Symbol Generator), as well as a new Operational Flight Programme which will use the expanded processing capability to full advantage. With improved situational awareness and more capable data-links, Tornado will remain a potent aircraft through to its out-of-service date. ...

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25 April 2012 | RAF

Dambusters Back on Operations in Afghanistan

Personnel from 617 ‚ÄúDambusters‚ÄĚ Squadron have deployed from their base at RAF Lossiemouth and are now settling into their second tour in Afghanistan in less than a year.

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5 April 2012 | Key.Aero

New helmet for RAF Tornado pilots

BAE Systems has delivered an Urgent Operational Requirement to the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) to help Tornado GR4 pilots identify friendly forces.

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23 March 2012 | UK MOD

RAF Tornados hit Taliban bombers

RAF Tornado crews have recently launched strikes against Taliban bombers.

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15 March 2012 | Key.Aero

II(AC) Squadron Centenary tail

On May 13, three Royal Air Force squadrons will celebrate 100 years since being formed as Royal Flying Corps units.

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13 March 2012 |

Germany Boosts Multirole Capability of Shrinking Tornado Fleet

The German Air Force is pushing ahead with an upgrade of its Panavia Tornadoes even though a plan to nearly halve the fleet is being significantly speeded up.

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10 February 2012 | EADS

First flight of TORNADO production aircraft with ASSTA 3.0

CASSIDIAN has reached an important milestone in the delivery of the latest capability standard ASSTA 3.0 (Avionics System Software Tornado Ada) for the German Air Force fleet of Tornado combat aircraft. The first ASSTA 3.0 production aircraft performed its functional maiden flight at Cassidian’s Manching site on 8 February. Over the next few months, a concerted effort will be made to finalise and certify the ASSTA 3.0 software. The first Tornados upgraded will then be delivered to the German Air Force in mid-2012 as planned.

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7 October 2011 | Defense-Aerospace

RAF Tornados Clock Up 7,000 Hours Over Libya

RAF officials announced on October 6 that the Tornado GR4s deployed on Operation Ellamy have now completed over 7,000 flight hours on missions over Libya. RAF Tornados have been operating at such a pace in support of NATO’s Operation Unified Protector, aimed at protecting the civilian population ...

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6 October 2011 | RAF

RAF Tornados 7000 Hours Libya

RAF Tornado’s have been operating at such a pace in support of NATO’s Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR, aimed at protecting the civilian...

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26 August 2011 | Flight Global

RAF details fresh Tornado strikes in Libya

The UK has detailed its latest operational activities using the Tornado GR4 against Libyan regime targets ...

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13 August 2011 | Key.Aero

RAF Tornados Undertake Eight-Hour Libya Storm Shadow Mission

On the night of August 10, RAF Tornado GR4s operated eight-hour round-trip missions to strike targets in Libya with Storm Shadow cruise missiles as part of Operation Ellamy.

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21 July 2011 | Defense-Aerospace

Additional RAF Tornado Jets Arrive in Italy

Four Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 fast jets have arrived at Gioia del Colle air base in southern Italy following last week's announcement that the additional aircraft will provide further support to UK operations over Libya. The aircraft, flown by crews from RAF Lossiemouth, mark a significant inc...

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20 July 2011 | RAF

Dambusters Come Home

There were emotional scenes at RAF Lossiemouth on Tuesday evening as the 13 crews and 110 engineers of 617 Squadron, ‚ÄėThe...

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15 July 2011 | RAF

Additional RAF Tornados for operations over Libya

The Ministry of Defence has announced that, in the coming days, the UK will deploy an additional four RAF Tornado GR4s to Gioia del Colle air base in Italy, primarily in the reconnaissance role to further support operations over Libya.

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27 June 2011 | Key.Aero

RAF Tornado GR4 is one in a million

The Royal Air Force's ground attack Tornado GR variant has clocked up over one million flying hours.

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20 May 2011 | RAF

RAF Strikes

Royal Air Force Tornados and Typhoons have struck Qadhafi regime warships anchored in Al Khums.

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13 May 2011 | RAF

Storage Facility Strike

Strike on a vehicle storage facility in Tripoli, RAF Tornado GR4 aircraft using Paveway IV bombs.

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10 May 2011 | RAF

Aircraft Strike

Royal Air Force aircraft have struck a building being used by Qadhafi regime forces to attack Misratah.

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10 May 2011 | RAF

XIII Sqn Final Flypast

On Friday 6th May 2011 at exactly 13 seconds past the 13th minute of the 13th hour, XIII Squadron from RAF Marham...

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9 May 2011 | Key.Aero

XIII Squadron to disband on Friday

This Friday sees the second Tornado squadron recently disband.

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3 May 2011 | RAF

Positions Struck

Libyan posions attacked by Tornado and Typhoon..

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20 April 2011 | RAF

Marham Responds

Tornado GR4 aircraft from RAF Marham are currently playing a crucial role in Coalition operations..

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19 April 2011 | RAF

14 Sqn Parade

14 Squadron, 'The Crusaders', performed their final parade at RAF Lossiemouth..

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12 April 2011 | Defense-Aerospace

RAF to Add Helmet-Mounted Cueing to Tornado Strike Fighters

WARTON, UK. --- BAE Systems is responding to an urgent operational requirement to equip the UK Tornado fleet with a Helmet Mounted Cueing System (HMCS). Work starts immediately on the £8m contract to integrate the system on to the aircraft. Tornado crews in-theatre currently provide close air su...

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11 April 2011 | RAF

Tornados Destroy Tanks

Royal Air Force aircraft hit seven Main Battle Tanks, as part of the UK's continued support..

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11 April 2011 | Key.Aero

Tornado to get urgent upgrade

BAE Systems has announced that it has been awarded an £8 million contract.

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8 April 2011 | Key.Aero

Picture: 41(R) Squadron anniversary Tornado

41(R) Squadron based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire is celebrating its 95th anniversary.

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5 April 2011 | RAF

RAF Squadron Disbanded

The RAF said farewell to one of its oldest units as Leuchars-based 111 (Fighter) Squadron took a bow after 94 years...

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31 March 2011 | RAF

RAF Patrol

RAF Tornados conducted further patrols over Libya yesterday, launching missiles against military assets..

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29 March 2011 | Key.Aero

Final touchdown for the F3?

The Tornado F3 has been retired from RAF service.

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28 March 2011 | RAF

Further Targets

Over the weekend RAF Tornado GR4s continued missions over Libya, hitting targets including tanks, armoured vehicles...

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26 March 2011 | RAF

Missiles Destroy Vehicles

It has been announced that RAF Tornado aircraft have destroyed three armoured vehicles in Misrata, and three further vehicles in Ajdabiya, following a missile strike.

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22 March 2011 | Key.Aero

111(F) Squadron disbands

111(F) Squadron disbands today at RAF Leuchars in Fife.

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12 August 2010 | Key.Aero

Extra Tornados to Afghanistan as RAF fears for type's future

Two more Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 aircraft are to be sent to support Operation 'Herrick'.

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1 July 2010 | RAF

Air Support to Op MOSHTARAK

On 10 Mar 2010, 2 Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s were tasked in support of Operation MOSHTARAK to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in the semi-desert area to the North of Nad-e-Ali.

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30 June 2010 | Key.Aero

Tornado GR4 upgrade awarded

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract to update the Royal Air Force's Tornado GR4 fleet.

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23 April 2010 | RAF

Revised ISAF doctrine propels RAF Tornado missions

UK Royal Air Force (RAF)Tornado GR4 crews operating out of Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan are adapting their methods of operation to the evolving military and political situation.

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14 April 2010 | RAF

RAF Tornado Squadron hands over duties

After three months providing 24/7 close air support and reconnaissance to coalition forces in Afghanistan, the RAF's IX (Bomber) Squadron handed over their duties to Number II (Army Cooperation) Squadron yesterday..

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10 April 2010 | Key.Aero

First ASSTA 2 Tornado

The Luftwaffe has received its first updated Tornado ECR aircraft.

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8 April 2010 | Defense-Aerospace

EADS Delivers First ASSTA 2 Tornado to Luftwaffe

EADS Defence & Security (DS) has supplied the German Luftwaffe with its first Tornado production aircraft retrofitted in the Avionics Software System Tornado Ada (ASSTA) programme to meet the ASSTA 2 capability standard. Military Air Systems (MAS), the DS Business Unit responsible for the project, h...

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26 March 2010 | RAF

Scramble of RAF Jets

On 10th March 2010, two RAF Tornado F3 fighter aircraft of 111(Fighter) Squadron were scrambled from RAF Leuchars

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11 March 2010 | Key.Aero

RAF's last F3s bolt-hole to Lossiemouth

Tornado F3s from the RAF's 111 Squadron are temporarily moving north.

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15 April 2007 | MILAVIA News

German Tornados Deploy to Afghanistan

In April 2007, six German Tornado IDS aircraft from Aufklaerungsgeschwader 51 (AG 51 - Tactical Reconnaissance Wing 51), Scheleswig-Jagel, have deployed to Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

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