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Specifications Tornado

Tornado IDS ( PA-200 / GR.1 )

Powerplant: two Turbo-Union RB.199-34R Mk.101 turbofans each rated at 37.70kN (8,475lbst) dry and 66.01kN (14,840lbst) with afterburning ; Later aircraft: two Turbo-Union RB.199-34R Mk.103 turbofans each rated at 38.48kN (8,650lbst) dry and 71.50kN (16,075lbst) with afterburning

Dimensions: length 16.72m (54ft 10.25in); height 5.95m (19ft 6.25in) ; wingspan at minimum sweep (25°) 13.91m (45ft 7.5in) ; wingspan at maximum sweep (67°) 8.60m (28ft 2.5in)

Weights: take-off ('empty') 14091kg (31,065lb); Max Take-Off Weight 27961kg (61,620lb)

Performance: max level speed 'clean' at 11000m (36,090ft) more than Mach 2.2: or 2337km/h (1453mph) ; service ceiling more than 50,000ft (15420m)

Armament: two internal Mauser BK.27 27mm cannons with 180 rounds each, AIM-9 air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, air-to-ground missiles, anti ship, anti radiation missiles, dispenser weapons, freefall bombs, guided bombs, cluster bombs, jammers, drop tanks, buddy refuelling pod, carried on up to nine external hardpoints.

Tornado 3view

Tornado front-seat cockpit pilot

Tornado back-seat cockpit navigator
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