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Tupolev Tu-22 'Blinder'

Specifications Tu-22

Tu-22KD 'Blinder-C'

Powerplant: two 156.9 kN (35,275 lb st) VD-7M afterburning turbojets; later two 161.9 kN (36,376 lb st) RD-7M2 afterburning turbojets

Dimensions: length 42.60m (139 ft 9 in); height 10.00m (32 ft 9 in); wing span 23.50m (77 ft 1 in)

Weights: empty 40000 kg (88,183 lb); Max Take-Off Weight 84000 kg (185,185 lb) or 94000 kg (202,820 lb) with four take off rockets

Performance: max level speed at 12200 m (40,000 feet) Mach 1.5 or 1510 km/h (938 mph); max level speed at sea level 890 km/h (553 mph); ceiling 18300m (60,040 ft)

Armament: two R-23 23mm cannons in the tail for self-defence; up to 24000 kg (847,547 lb) load, consisting of either one Kh-22 (conventional) or one Kh-22N (nuclear warhead) anti-ship/air-to-surface missile carried on its belly semi lowered into the weapons bay, or up to 24 FAB-500 500kg freefall bombs or one FAB-9000 9000 kg freefall bomb carried in the internal weapons bay (if converted back to bomber role).

Tu-22K 3view

Tu-22 pilot station
Tu-22 pilot instrument panel

Tu-22 weapon officer station
Tu-22 weapons officer panel

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