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Air Show Cancellations

March 22, 2020, 01:27:10 AM Webmaster
The challenging and unprecedented situation presented by this global crisis has forced many organizations to cancel or postpone air shows and other public aviation events, which were scheduled to take place this spring.

The air show calendar presented on this website is updated accordingly,as announcements are being made.

As the impact and the implications are becoming more profound, also major air shows that were planned to take place over the summer have been affected. Unfortunately, more cancellations are to be expected as the situation gets worse.

Although the air show calendar will continue to be updated, event information is not always available or up-to-date.

Even once the situation improves locally and there is no indication that a listed event is cancelled, please seek confirmation that the show goes on, take into account travel restrictions and other complicating factors before making any plans.

Please Help Promote the Site!

February 15, 2013, 01:18:58 PM Webmaster
Please help me to promote the MILAVIA website! I've placed social sharing buttons throughout the site to make it easy to share certain pages. It's nice because I get some better analytics, but feel free to just copy-paste the URL from your browser address bar.

And for blogs, websites, forums, FB pages, etc: You are free to post links to any page of the site, you do not have to ask me!

For webmasters: the classic banners are also still available, see

Statement on Cookies

June 08, 2012, 02:40:28 AM Webmaster
Cookies are small files placed on your computer by websites. This is very common.

The MILAVIA website uses cookies so that the site can remember your login or preferences by storing your session ID and the website also use cookies to enable statistics to be gathered. However, that's not all.

The MILAVIA website is made possible by running ads. These third-parties also place cookies when you browse the MILAVIA website/forum. These cookies may be more intrusive and enable these third-parties to tailor the ads shown to you based on the information they have about your behavior on the internet. For example if you've been shopping for a new computer, you will be shown computer ads on the MILAVIA website. You can opt out of this using the links I have provided in the Privacy & Cookie Policy:

You can also disable third-party cookies, and even the first-party cookies of MILAVIA, in your browser's Privacy Settings.

The EU, through a directive, forced member countries to make new laws regarding the use of cookies. Unfortunately, the cookie laws in most countries require me to obtain consent from you prior to setting the cookies. Because I don't want to ask my visitors before letting them onto the site (for example bugging you every time with a pop-up), I can only be compliant with this law when I change how this site uses cookies (to essential only) and also prevent third-parties from placing cookies while you visit my site. This is a problem, I just can't do this without a drop in ad revenues and/or traffic, and disallowing the use of embedded images and other content.

Hence this statement and the cookie policy. If you object to cookies from my website and/or third-parties, you can find links in the "How to control and delete cookies" section on that will explain how.

I really do not mind if you disable cookies.

This website is aimed at no country in particular, but 75% of my visitors are from the USA. Since I don't want to bug US visitors with this EU required cookie consent, and frankly don't want to reduce potential earnings because of this, I will monitor other websites to see what solutions they will implement and work towards compliance where possible. I have already turned off one statistics program that used cookies, and disabled cookie placement by the "AddThis" sharing buttons, but it will take time before MILAVIA can be cookie free (if ever, and where required by law).