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Mitsubishi F-1

Role: multi-role light fighter, maritime attack
Builder: Mitsubishi
Variants: F-1
Operators: Japan

Mitsubishi F-1 is a single-seat attack aircraft with secondary air-to-air capability. The F-1 is a deritive from the T-2 trainer which is based on the SEPECAT Jaguar design. The space where the rear cockpit used to be in the T-2 design is used for additional avionics and fuel in the F-1 design. Its primary task in the Japanese Self Defense Force is anti-shipping with the 50km range ASM-1 anti-ship missile as its primary weapon. It is equipped with the J/AWG-12 radar which has two operating modes, air-to-air and air-to-surface, and is compatible with the ASM-1 missile. It has an air-to-air capability using the AIM-9 IR seeking missile, but because of its short range this capability is only limited.

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Mitsubishi F-1

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Rear cockpit space used for fuel.

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