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Su-27 Flanker Family Historical Events Time Table

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1965-1970 BACK TO TOP
1969 Start research for new generation fighter by Sukhoi, Mikoyan and Yakovlev
1969 Sukhoi made first outlines for the fighter's configuration
1970-1975 BACK TO TOP
1970 Initial variant of the fighter's layout worked out by Sukhoi
1971 USSR government authorization of the Prospective Tactical Fighter (PFI) programme
1971 Pavel Sukhoi orders official start of concept development designated T-10
1971 Air Force issues specifications for the PFI based on F-15 data
1972 Conceptual design finished for both 'integrated' and 'classic' aerodynamic configurations
1972 Evaluations of PFI proposals Su-27, MiG-29, Yak-45, Yak-47
1972 In-depth development of the conceptual design and T-10 prototype
1973 Naum Chernyakov appointed chief designer
1975-1980 BACK TO TOP
1975 Basic design completed, start of prototype production by the Kulon Machine-building Plant
15 Sept 1975 Pavel Sukhoi passed away
1976 CPSU Central Committee and USSR government authorise Su-27 production
1976 Mikhail Simonov appointed chief designer
1977 Completion of T10-1 initial Su-27 prototype construction
20 May 1977 First flight T10-1 prototype flown by Vladimir Ilyushin
Aug 1977 Swiss magazine 'International Defense Review' reported MiG-29 prototype, but it was T10-1
Late 1977 US satellites pictures Su-27 (coded RAM-K) and MiG-29 (coded RAM-L) at Ramenskoye (in fact GLII)
1978 Second prototype T10-2 built
1978 Conceptual design stage for ship-borne variant Su-27K (T-12)
7 July 1978 T10-2 crashed, killing test pilot Yevgeny Solovyov
1978 T10-3 and T10-4 production completed at Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant
1978 Production of experimental batch of five Su-27 started at Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant
Mar 1979 Final assembly T10-3 completed at Zhukovsky
Mar 1979 Pentagon releases first information concerning the new Sukhoi
23 Aug 1979 First flight T10-3
31 Oct 1979 First flight T10-4
Late 1979 T-10S improved redesign
Dec 1979 Artyom Kolchin appointed chief designer
1980-1985 BACK TO TOP
1980 Production of initial T-10S prototypes T10-7, T10-12 and static T10-8
1980 Sukhoi OKB makes T-10U twin-seat draft design
June 1980 Komsomolsk-on-Amur completes T10-5 (No 02-02) and static test airframe No 02-01
Late 1980 Komsomolsk-on-Amur completes T10-6 (No 02-03) and T10-9 (No 02-04)
Late 1980 Sukhoi plant completes new design prototype T10-7 or T-10S-1 (No 04-03)
1981 Komsomolsk-on-Amur completes T10-10 (No 03-01) and T10-11 (No 03-02)
20 Apr 1981 First flight T10-7, flown by Vladimir Ilyushin
3 Sept 1981 T10-7 crashed, Vladimir Ilyushin ejected safely
23 Dec 1981 T10-12 crashed, killing Aleksandr Komarov
1981 Aleksei Knyshev appointed chief designer
1982 Komsomolsk-on-Amur delivers initial series-built T10-15, T10-16, T10-17 and static T10-14
1982 Su-27 designation first used in Western press, NATO ASCC callsign Flanker given
2 June 1982 First flight T10-15, first series-production Su-27, flown by Aleksandr Isakov
24 July 1982 T10-3 starting trials taking off from the T-1 ramp at the Nitka complex
1983 Komsomolsk-on-Amur delivers nine more aircraft for tests and trials
1983 Sukhoi develops improvements and upgrades for Su-27M version
21 Jan 1983 Minister of Aircraft Industry orders conceptual design of new fighter-bomber
1983 Conceptual design for new fighter-bomber based on Su-27UB, designated Su-27IB (factory T-10V)
29 Dec 1983 Government authorises Su-27M development
1984 Sukhoi and Komsomolsk-on-Amur complete Su-27UB static test model (01-01)
25 Sept 1984 T10-25 starts trials taking off from T-2 ramp at the Nitka complex
11 Nov 1984 T10-25 crashed, pilot Nikolai Sadovnikov ejected
1984 Su-27 officially accepted into the VVS&PVO inventory.
1985-1990 BACK TO TOP
1985 Joint Offical Tests concluded
1985 Full scale series production started
1985 T10-1 prototype moved to Monino Air Force Museum, Moscow
1985 Su-27M conceptual design completed
Feb 1985 Su-27K (T-10K) ship-borne fighter conceptual design approved
7 Mar 1985 First flight T10U-1 two-seater, flown by Nikolai Sadovnikov
22 June 1985 First two Su-27 '05' and '06' delivered to an operational unit, the 60th IAP-PVO at Dzemgi AB.
5 July 1985 Su-27 commences air defense duties with the 60th IAP-PVO at Dzemgi AB.
1985 First batch of six Su-27 enter service with first VVS unit, 831st GvIAP, Mirgorod, Ukraine.
Dec 1985 Six Su-27 delivered to the 941st IAP-PVO at Klip-Yavr AB, Kola Peninsula.
1986 T10-24 fitted with canards starts Nitka trials
1986 Komsomolsk-on-Amur completes T10U-2 (No 02-01) and T10U-3 (No 02-03) two-seaters
1986 Su-27UB series production moved to Irkutsk aircraft plant
1986 T10-15 stripped and converted to P-42 record-breaker
1986 First four Su-27 delivered to the Russian Naval Aviation's 100th IIAP at Novofyodorovka AB, Saki.
19 June 1986 CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers authorise Su-27IB production
10 Sept 1986 First flight T10U-4, first series-produced Su-27UB, flown by G.Ye. Bulanov and N.N. Ivanov
Late 1986 Delivery series-produced Su-27UB trainers start
27 Oct 1986 2x Time to climb to 3,000m set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
15 Nov 1986 2x Time to climb to 6,000m set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
1987 First Su-27M prototype T10M-1 assembled on the basis of series-produced Su-27 No 16-40
1987 Conceptual design for Su-27IB with new modifications finished
20 Jan 1987 T10-24 crashed, pilot A. Puchkov ejected.
Mar 1987 T10U-2 (Su-27UB prototype) fitted with IFR and arrestor hook starts Nitka trials
10 Mar 1987 4x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Nikolay Sadovnikov
11 Mar 1987 3x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Nikolay Sadovnikov
31 Mar 1987 2x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Evgeny Frolov
April 1987 First photo of series-produced Su-27 (no. 21) published in Western press
10 June 1987 Altitude in level flight record set by P-42 piloted by Nikolay Sadovnikov
17 Aug 1987 First flight Su-27K prototype T10K-1 (no.37), flown by Victor Pugachov
13 Sept 1987 Su-27 '36 Red' collided with a Norwegian P-3B Orion over the Barents Sea, both landed safely.
22 Dec 1987 First flight Su-27K second prototype T10K-2 (no.39), flown by Nikolai Sadovnikov
1988 "Glasnost" declared in the Soviet Union
19 Apr 1988 2x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Oleg Tsoi
17 May 1988 6x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Oleg Tsoi
28 June 1988 First flight Su-27M prototype T10M-1 (no. 701), piloted by Oleg Tsoy
Aug 1988 Su-27 unveiled to public for the first time, taking part in air parade over Moskva river near GLII
25 Aug 1988 First flight Su-27K prototype T10K-1 (no. 37) with folding wings
28 Sept 1988 T10K-1 '37' crashed, Nikolai Sadovnikov ejected but deceased from trauma later
1989 Su-27P interceptor standard enters production, existing PVO Su-27s progressively modified to same standard
Early 1989 Su-27 officially declassified
18 Jan 1989 Second Su-27M prototype T10M-2 (no. 702) enters flight testing
28 Apr 1989 First 'dynamic deceleration' demonstration by Sukhoi test pilot Viktor G. Pugachov (Pugachov's Cobra) to officials at Zhukovsky.
June 1989 Su-27 foreign airshow debut at Le Bourget, Paris, Su-27 '388' (T10-41) and Su-27UB '389'
19 Aug 1989 Su-27 taking part in Zhukovsky air parade
20 Aug 1989 Su-27 national airshow debut at the Tushino air festival
Aug 1989 Su-27 '22' and Su-27UB '389' exhibited at Moscow Central Airfield (Khodynka)
Aug 1989 Su-27 '31' placed on display at National Aviation Museum
1 Nov 1989 First deck landing of the Su-27K on the Tbilisi (Adm. Kuznetsov) aircraft carrier, pilot Victor Pugachov
2 Nov 1989 First Su-27K take off from the Tbilisi (Adm. Kuznetsov) aircraft carrier, pilot Victor Pugachov
1989 Sukhoi OKB begins naval combat trainer design, designated Su-27KU (T-10KU)
1989 'Yuri Gagarin plant' at Komsomolsk-on-Amur renamed Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO)
1990-1995 BACK TO TOP
1990 Sukhoi OKB finishes Su-27IB design and starts converting a Su-27UB
17 Feb 1990 First flight T10K-3, first series-built Su-27K, piloted by Igor Votintsev
Feb 1990 Su-27 Asian airshow debut at the Asian Aerospace '90 in Singapore
13 Apr 1990 First flight Su-27IB prototype, T10V-1 (no. 42), piloted by Anatoly Ivanov
1990 KnAAPO produced six more Su-27Ks, T10K-4 thru T10K-9
18 Aug 1990 Su-27 American airshow debut at Washington International Air Fair '90, Paine Field, Everett, WA
23 Aug 1990 Soviet government declares Su-27 standard fighter for VVS and PVO
9 Sep 1990 Su-27 '14 Red' crashed in Salgareda, Italy, killing pilot Rimantes Stankyavicius and a security guard on the ground
Nov 1990 Soviet Union 'Armed Forces in Europe' CFE Treaty report issued, reporting 367 Su-27s in Europe (138 VVS, 229 PVO)
1991 Series production of export Su-27SK for China began at KnAAPO
1991 Series production of export Su-27UBK for China began at IAPO
1991 Series production of twin-seat Su-30 (10-4PU) began at IAPO
Mar 1991 Official tests of the Su-27K begin
5 Apr 1991 Russian Knights aerobatic team is created, flying Su-27 and Su-27UB
11 July 1991 T10K-8 crashed, pilot Timur Apakidze ejected safely
18 Aug 1991 First public Su-27K demonstration during Air Fleet anniversary parade
20 Nov 1991 First automatic arrested landing at the Nitka complex by Victor Pugachov flying the T10K-4
1992 Break-up USSR, former CIS countries inherit combat aircraft, including Su-27
1992 Russian Armed Forces pull out of Eastern Europe, 159th GvIAP and 582nd IAP Su-27/Su-27UB depart Poland.
1 Apr 1992 First flight T10M-3 '703', first series-produced Su-27M
14 Apr 1992 First flight series produced Su-27PU (Su-30), crew G. Bulanov and V. Maksimenkov
June 1992 First Su-27SKs delivered to China
Aug 1992 Mosaeroshow '92 held at GLII field at Zhukovsky included LII test pilot team flying Su-27P and Su-27PU
Aug 1992 Su-27IB unveiled at the Mosaeroshow '92 static show
1992 Su-27M (as Su-35) unveiled at the Farnborough airshow
1993 First Su-30 (No 01-01) converted to Su-30MK demonstrator numbered 603
April 1993 First four Su-27K entered the inventory of the naval fighter regiment
20 May 1993 2x Time to climb records set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
20 May 1993 Altitude with 1,000 kg payload record set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
20 May 1993 Greatest mass carried to 15,000m set by P-42 piloted by Victor Pugachov
June 1993 Su-30MK concept first unveiled at Le Bourget by Su-27UB '321' (formerly '389')
Autumn 1993 NAPO completes T10V-2 (number 43) second Su-27IB prototype
18 Dec 1993 First flight T10V-2 prototype, flown by Igor vitintsev and Yevgeny Revunov
Mar 1994 Actual Su-30MK '603' first unveiled abroad at FIDAE '94 in Chile
Late 1994 First series-built Su-34 (T10V-5) completed
Dec 1994 Su-27K official testing program ends with recommendations to field it
28 Dec 1994 First flight T10V-5 series-built Su-34, piloted by Yevgeny Rudakas and Yevgeny Revunov
1995-2000 BACK TO TOP
1995 KnAAPO starts Su-27SMK programme
1995 Painted T10V-5 number '45' was presented at Le Bourget as Su-32FN with number '349' carried
May 1995 First batch of five Su-27SK and one Su-27UBK delivered to Vietnam
Dec 1995 Admiral Kuznetsov carrier first ocean cruise, 13 Su-27K fighter onboard
12 Dec 1995 Three Russian Knight fighters crashed into mountain due to adverse weather, four killed
1996 First three production Su-35s (numbers 86, 87, 88) delivered to the Russian Air Force
1996 Kazakhstan receives first Su-27s in return for Tu-95MS bombers
2 Apr 1996 First flight Su-37 '711' with TVC engines, flown by Yevgeny Frolov
31 July 1996 Su-37 '711' unveiled to the public at GLII
Sept 1996 Su-37 foreign debut at Farnborough airshow
30 Nov 1996 India and Russia sign contract for 40 Su-30MKI fighters
6 Dec 1996 China granted approval for license production of 200 Su-27SK
Mar/Apr 1997 First eight Su-30K delivered to India
21 June 1997 Russian Knight '15' belly-landed (gear restracted) at SIAD 97 Air Show, Bratislava, Slovakia
1 July 1997 First flight first Su-30MKI '01' prototype (Su-30I-1, Su-30MK-1), flown by Vyacheslav Averyanov
Aug 1997 Indonesia signs contract for 12 Su-30KI
Sep 1997 Two RuAF Su-27, two Su-30 take part in joint exercise with Hellenic AF, deploying to Tanagra AB, Greece
Late 1997 Indonesia cancels contract for Su-30KI
6 Dec 1997 An-124 loaded with two Su-27UBK destined for Vietnam crashed near Irkutsk
23 Apr 1998 First flight second Su-30MKI '06' prototype (Su-30MK-6, converted from T10PU-6)
June 1998 Russian Armed Forces reform merges Air Defence Force (PVO) with Air Force (VVS).
28 June 1998 First flight single-seat Su-30KI prototype (No 40-02) at KnAAPO, pilot Yevgeny Revunov
31 Aug 1998 Su-27K service entry made official, formally redesignated Su-33.
Nov 1998 Su-30MKI '01' first unveiled at AeroIndia '98 airshow, Bangalore
Nov 1998 First Su-27SK (reworked RuAF Su-27) delivered to Ethiopia.
Dec 1998 First flight two Chinese-built Su-27SK, designated J-11
1999 Roll-out Su-27KUB naval combat trainer at Sukhoi plant
6 Jan 1999 First Ethiopian Su-27SK loss while performing demonstration at Debrizey AB
29 Apr 1999 First flight Su-27KUB prototype, pilots Victor Pugachov and Sergei Melnikov
9 May 1999 First flight series-built Su-30MKK '501', piloted by Vyacheslav Averyanov
12 June 1999 Su-30MKI (Su-30MK-1) '01' crashed at Le Bourget, crew ejected safely
28 July 1999 Three altitude/weight records set by Su-32MF, crew Igor Votintsev and Aleksandr Gaivoronsky
3 Aug 1999 Two altitude/weight records set by Su-32MF, crew Vyacheslav Petrusha and Aleksandr Oshchepkov
19 Aug 1999 Three altitude/weight records set by Su-32MF, crew Igor Solovyov and Vladimir Shendrik
Aug 1999 Su-30KI demonstrated at MAKS '99
Aug 1999 KnAAPO completes series-built Su-30MKK '502'
3 Sept 1999 First arrested Su-27KUB landing at the Nitka complex
6 Sept 1999 First take-off Su-27KUB from Nitka ramp
6 Oct 1999 First carrier landing and take-off Su-27KUB from Adm. Kuznetsov
Oct 1999 Swedish AF F17 Viggens visit 689th GvIAP at Neevenskoye AB.
Nov 1999 Su-30KI unveiled abroad at LIMA '99 airshow in Malaysia
Dec 1999 China signs contract for at least 20 Su-27UBKs produced by IAPO
1999 KnAAPO recovered the name of Yuri Gagarin for its plant
2000-2005 BACK TO TOP
20 Mar 2000 President Putin flies Su-27UB '17' from Krasnodar to Chechnya, piloted by Maj. Gen. Aleksandr V. Kharchevsky
29 Mar 2000 Five of the Su-32MF records registrered as official aviation world records
Summer 2000 False reports of Su-27 deliveries to Syria appear in aviation press
7 Aug 2000 First flight Su-35UB prototype (no. 801).
Sep 2000 689th GvIAP Su-27s visit Ronneby, Sweden.
28 Dec 2000 Agreement signed for local production of up to 140 Su-30MKI by HAL
Apr 2001 689th GvIAP Su-27s again visit Ronneby, Sweden.
17 July 2001 Russian Navy 279th OKIAP Su-33 number '70' crashed during a display at Ostrov.
22 June 2002 First two Su-30MKIs produced by IAPO arrive in India
27 July 2002 Ukrainian Falcons Su-27UB crashed at L'vov-Sknilov airshow, two pilots ejected, 83 77 spectators killed, over 100 injured
27 Sept 2002 First ten Su-30MKIs enter service, with IAF No.20 Sqn
27 Dec 2002 First flight Su-27SM, mid-life upgrade for Su-27S by KnAAPO
Jan 2003 China signs contract for 24 Su-30MK2
5 Aug 2003 Malaysia signs $900 million contract for 18 Su-30MKM
27 Aug 2003 First two Su-27SK delivered to Indonesia, soon to be followed by two Su-30MK
14 Sept 2003 First post-delivery flights of both Indonesian Su-27SK, flown by Alexander Pulenkov (Sukhoi OKB)
16 Sept 2003 Post-delivery flight testing of Indonesian Su-30MKs completed
14 Oct 2003 Four Lipetsk Su-27s visit Bodo (Norway), Norwegian pilots get familiarisation flights on Su-27UB
23 Oct 2003 Kant AB established as Russian Air Force base in Kyrghyzstan, five 4th TsBP i PLS Su-27s deployed
Dec 2003 Vietnam orders four Su-30MK2V for the Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF).
26 Dec 2003 First five KnAAPO-upgraded Su-27SM delivered to 4th TsBP i PLS at Lipetsk to undergo trials
Feb 2004 First batch of Su-30MK2 delivered to China
16 Feb 2004 IAF Su-30K meet USAF F-15C in dissimilar air combat training during Exercise Cope India 04
16 Mar 2004 First Chinese Su-30MK2 crash, pilot ejected safely
16 Aug 2004 Su-33s return to Admiral Kuznetsov carrier after its 4-year overhaul
Nov 2004 KnAAPO delivers four Su-30MK2V to Vietnam ordered Dec 2003
28 Nov 2004 HAL completes first indigenously assembled Su-30MKI for Indian Air Force
Dec 2004 First batch of Su-27SM upgraded aircraft entered service with the 23rd IAP at Dzemgi AB, Komsomol'sk-on-Amur
2005-2010 BACK TO TOP
15 Sep 2005 RuAF 177th IAP Su-27P '12 Red' crashed in Lithuania, upon entering NATO-controlled airspace.
Feb 2006 India orders 18 Su-30MKI to replace the 18 Su-30K.
2 July 2006 Two KnAAPO-owned Su-30MK demonstrators (501 and 502) arrive in Venezuela for demonstration.
5 July 2006 Two Su-30MK demonstrators take part in Independence Day celebrations in Caracas, Venezuela.
6 July 2006 First production version Su-34 rolled out by NAPO.
25 July 2006 Venezuela orders 24 Su-30MK2 for the Venezuelan Air Force (Su-30MKV).
Aug 2006 23rd IAP at Dzemgi AB fully equipped with 24 Su-27SM upgraded Flankers.
12 Oct 2006 First flight first production Su-34.
30 Nov 2006 First delivery of two Su-30MKV for the Venezuelan Air Force.
10 Dec 2006 FAV Su-30MKVs make public debut in Venezuela during the independence day parade.
14 Dec 2006 First two Su-30MKM completed and flight-tested.
15 Dec 2006 Official handover first two production Su-34s ('Red 01' 'Red' 02) for RuAF trials.
20 Dec 2006 Second pair of Su-30MKV arrived in Venezuela.
23 Feb 2007 Mexican Navy announces decision to abandon Su-27 acquisition plans.
24 May 2007 First two Su-30MKM officially handed over to the Royal Malaysian Air Force in Irkutsk.
18 Jun 2007 First two Su-30MKM arrive in Malaysia, delivered at Kong Kedak Air Base by an An-124-100.
28 Jun 2007 Six IAF Su-30MKIs deploy to the UK to train with the RAF in Exercise Indradhanush II.
Aug 2007 KnAAPO completes first new Su-35 prototype, bort number 901.
3 Aug 2007 First production Su-34 joins the 4th TsBP I PLS at Lipetsk to undergo operational evaluation.
9 Aug 2007 Announcement that Sukhoi completed design of new PAK-FA fifth-generation Su-27 replacement, KnAAPO starts building first prototype.
21 Aug 2007 Sukhoi/KnAAPO unveil new Su-35 (Su-27BM) at MAKS 2007.
21 Aug 2007 Indonesia signs MOU for delivery of three Su-27SKM and three Su-30MK2 in 2008-2010.
Dec 2007 First two Su-30MKA delivered to Algeria by IAPO.
14 Jan 2008 Sukhoi announces start of Su-34 full-rate production by NAPO.
19 Feb 2008 First flight Su-35 '901', flown by Sergey Bogdan at Zhukovsky.
Mar 2008 IAPO delivers two more Su-30MKA to Algeria.
Aug 2008 Combat debut production standard RuAF Su-34 during the five-day war with Georgia.
2 Oct 2008 First flight second Su-35 '902', flown by Sergey Bogdan from KnAAPO factory airfield at Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
12 Nov 2008 Rosoboronexport announces Indonesia deal for three Su-27SKM and three Su-30MK2 has been finalised.
26 Dec 2008 First two Su-30MK2 for Indonesia arrive at Saltan Hassanuddin air base, Makassar.
Jan 2009 Vietnam orders eight additional Su-30MK2Vs: four to be delivered in 2010 and four in 2011.
17 Jan 2009 Third and final Indonesian Su-30MK2 ordered on 21 Aug 2007 arrives.
2 Feb 2009 Indonesia officially accepts the three Su-30MK2 ordered on 21 Aug 2007.
20 Mar 2009 100th Flight of the Su-35 (T-10BM), completing flight control systems testing.
26 Apr 2009 Third Su-35 (T-10BM) flying prototype was destroyed during a high-speed taxi test prior to first flight. Pilot Eugene Frolov safely ejected.
17 Aug 2009 Final batch of four Su-30MKM arrived in Malaysia.
17 Aug 2009 Russian Knights Su-27UB and Su-27 midair collision over Zhukovsky during MAKS09 rehearsal, one of the three pilots, Col. Igor V. Tkachenko, died after ejection.
18 Aug 2009 Announced at MAKS09, Russian Defense Ministry orders 48 new-built Su-35S, deliveries 2011-2015.
18 Aug 2009 Announced at MAKS09, Russian Defense Ministry orders 12 Su-27SM upgrades for 2009-2011.
18 Aug 2009 Announced at MAKS09, Russian Defense Ministry orders 4 Su-30M2 upgrades with final delivery in late 2011.
30 Aug 2009 Belarus Air Force Su-27UBM crashed during the Radom Air Show in Poland, killing Col. Alexander Morfitsky and Col. Alexander Zhuravlevich.
31 Aug 2009 Carrier-borne Shenyang J-15 (Su-33 equivalent) reported first flight.
23 Sep 2009 Sukhoi/KnAAPO delivers 4 Su-27SM upgraded aircraft to the RuAF 22nd GvIAP.
17 Nov 2009 Sukhoi announces start production at KnAAPO for initial Su-35S production batch.
20 Nov 2009 Sukhoi/KnAAPO delivers final batch of Su-27SM upgraded aircraft to the RuAF, completing the 2009 order.
2 Dec 2009 First privately-owned Su-27 licensed by FAA, ex-Ukraine Su-27UB '31' registered as N131SU by Pride Aircraft, Inc.
10 Dec 2009 First flight of a civilian Su-27, Pride Aircraft's Su-27UB 'N131SU' took off from Rockford Airport, Chicago/Rockford, IL.
21 Dec 2009 Sukhoi announces hand-over final pre-production Su-34 to the RuAF, coded '04 Red' and '05 Red'.
2010-2015 BACK TO TOP
21 Jan 2010 Su-27SKM demonstrated at Bahrain International Air Show 2010.
29 Jan 2010 Sukhoi's T-50 first flight at Komsomolsk-na-Amur, prototype PAK-FA for future Su-27 replacement.
29 Jan 2010 Sukhoi's T-50 first flight at Komsomolsk-na-Amur, prototype PAK-FA for future Su-27 replacement.
6 May 2010 Shenyang J-15 first take-off from simulated ski jump.
Aug 2010 Russian Navy resumes training at Nikta Naval Pilot Training Centre at Saki-Novofedorivka, Ukraine, deploying six Su-33 and one Su-27UB.
10 Sep 2010 First two Su-27SKM for Indonesia delivered, three ordered on 21 Aug 2007.
16 Sep 2010 Third and final Indonesian Su-27SKM arrived, completing the 21 Aug 2007 order.
20 Sep 2010 Chinese PLAAF J-11s exercise with THK F-4E Phantom IIs in Turkey, first ever deployment to NATO country.
27 Sep 2010 Formal hand-over ceremony of the three Su-27SKM to the Indonesian AF at Sultan Hasanuddin air base, Ujung Pandang, Sulawesi.
Feb 2011 Four Su-27SM (first batch, for 2009 order) delivered to RuAF, joining the 3rd IAP.
5 May 2011 First Series-produced Su-35S test-flown by Sergey Bogdan from KnAAPO factory airfield at Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
22 June 2011 Announced at Paris Air Show, first four Su-30MK2V (out of 20 on order) delivered to Vietnam.

4th TsBP I PLS = 4th Combat and Aircrew Conversion Training Centre, Lipetsk, cental Russia
GLII = (not official acronym) Gromov LII Flight Research Institute, airfield at Zhukovsky, Moscow
GvIAP = Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment
HAL = Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (India)
IAP = Istrebitel'nyy Avia Polk (Fighter Aviation Regiment)
IAPO = Irkutsk Aviation Industrial Association/Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association
IIAP = Instrooktorsko-Issledovatel'skiy Avia Polk (Instruction & Research Aviation Regiment)
KnAAPO = Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (also named after Yuri Gagarin)
Lipetsk = Lipetsk Combat Employment and Pilot Retraining Centre, cental Russia
MAKS = Moscow International Air and Space Salon, major trade and air show at Zhukovsky, near Moscow
NAPO = Chkalov Aircraft Production Association at Novosibirsk
NPK Irkut = Irkutsk aircraft manufacturing plant of IAPO.
OKB = Opytno-Konstruktorskoye Byuro (Experimental Design Bureau)
PAK-FA = Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks - Frontovoi Aviatsii (Future Air System - Tactical Aviation); program to develop Russia's fifth generation fighter to replace the Su-27.
PVO = Protivo-Vozdushnoi Oborony (National/Homeland Air Defense Forces)
RuAF = Russian Air Force
VVS = Voenno-Vozdushmiy Sily (Military Aviation Forces, Soviet/Russian Air Force)
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